Disabling TLS/SSL in FileZilla

A guide to fixing a common error when connecting to a server using FileZilla

Sending mail by site scripts in ISPmanager5

How to set up sending mail from scripts through the sendmail server using the standard php_mail function

Apt package manager

Features and basic commands for working with the apt package manager

Yum Package Manager

Features and basic commands for working with the yum package manager

Hestia Server Control Panel

Description of the control panel features

ISPmanager5 Server Control Panel

ISPmanager is a control panel for dedicated and virtual servers, which allows you to manage various software via a web interface. It can be the creation of an unlimited number of users, web servers (Apache or nginx), as well as DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), mail servers (Sendmail, Exim), etc.

Vesta Control Panel Server Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel - this is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites, with its help you can add new sites, work with mail and databases, Cron, updates, editing DNS zones, the ability to add SSL and automatic installation of certificates from Let's Encrypt with one button.

VPS Reboot

Description of the server restart procedure

Restarting the rdpclip service on Windows Server

Fixing the clipboard problem on Windows server

Connecting to memcached on shared hosting

Instructions on how to set up memcached access in popular CMS on shared hosting.

Connecting to VPS via SSH from MacOS

Instructions for setting up an SSH connection to a server in MacOS

Connecting to VPS via SSH from Windows

Instructions for setting up an SSH server connection in Windows

Checking CPU utilization with the top command

top (table of processes) is a console command that displays a list of processes running in the system and information about them. By default, it sorts them in real time by CPU load.

Checking Internet speed with Fast Utility

Netflix Internet Speed Tester Installation Guide

PERL Extensions in ISPmanager5

Description of basic PERL programming language operations in the server control panel

PHP Extensions in ISPmanager

Description of basic operations with PHP extensions in the server control panel