Updating the server software with ISPmanager5

ISPmanager5 allows you to update the software installed on Debian/Ubuntu OS, CentOS OS.

Using Docker in CentOS 7

Instructions for working with Docker Community Edition (CE) in CentOS 7

Using Docker in Debian 9

Instructions for Docker Community Edition (CE) in Debian 9

Using Docker in Ubuntu 18.04

Instructions for Docker Community Edition (CE) in Ubuntu 18.04

Using Docker in Ubuntu 20.04

Instructions for Docker Community Edition (CE) in Ubuntu 20.04

Using ssh on shared hosting

Information on using SSH access to shared hosting

Vesta Control Panel Server Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel - this is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites, with its help you can add new sites, work with mail and databases, Cron, updates, editing DNS zones, the ability to add SSL and automatic installation of certificates from Let's Encrypt with one button.

VestaCP configuration files

Locations of files and directories that may be useful for working with the control panel

Vi text editor

Description of the text editor Vi

Virtual Hosting order management

Description of the main features to manage your Virtual Hosting order

VPS cloning

Description of the procedure to create a "mold" of a virtual server using Billing

VPS Reboot

Description of the server restart procedure

VPS Snapshot

Description of the backup setting in Billing your order

Web-disk in cPanel

Description of connecting the Web-disk cloud storage in the cPanel control panel

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server

Yum Package Manager

Features and basic commands for working with the yum package manager