Sypex Dumper is a software product (PHP-script) with which you can easily and quickly create a backup of a MySQL database, as well as restore the database from the backup if necessary.

Sypex Dumper, unlike many similar programs, is optimized for maximum speed, as well as working with large databases of hundreds and thousands of megabytes.

Sypex Dumper 2 has become even faster and more functional, added features for working with databases and maintenance of tables. In addition, the ability to run from the command line and by schedule (cron) is implemented.

Sypex Dumper 2 features:*

  • Create backups and restore MySQL databases without using third-party programs, only pure PHP;
  • Working with databases of any size (from a few kilobytes to thousands of megabytes), therefore all the work with backup files is implemented via FTP, but download is also possible with the help of download managers (Download Master, Reget, etc.);
  • impressive working speed;
  • support for two file compression formats (Gzip and Bzip2), and different degrees of compression for GZip;
  • user-friendly Web 2.0 interface with AJAX;
  • Multi-step operation (to bypass time constraints);
  • special file format with meta-information;
  • MySQL service functions (check, optimize, repair);
  • works on Windows and Linux;
  • smart backup with postprocessing;
  • smart work with encodings;
  • saving tasks for quick use;
  • auto-delete old files;
  • custom authorizations;
  • process control (stop/pause/continue);
  • the ability for multiple users to work with one copy of the script;

From official website you need to download the script archive Sypex Dumper 2.
Unzip and upload by FTP the directory contents to the root directory (public_html) of your site.
Set chmod 777 for backup directory.
Set chmod 666 for cfg.php and ses.php files.

Open URL in your browser.
Enter login and password for your database.

Updated Jan. 2, 2019