Seafile is a cloud service for storing corporate files with client-side encryption. It is an open-source analog of Dropbox. It is written in Python. There are clients for Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS.


In addition to the basic functions of storage on a remote server and providing data synchronization between computers, Seafile provides flexible options for content collaboration. For the convenience of collaboration, it supports the creation of workspaces where group members can place arbitrary information of interest to group members. File sets can be combined into libraries that can be shared with individual users or groups, as well as public access. To keep track of changes to files in shared areas, you can send notifications to group members.

Each library is treated as a separate repository and can be synchronized between the user's machines individually. The client side supports providing data synchronization between the local directory and a specific library in the cloud storage

The web-interface supports previewing of different file types, the ability to discuss files with group members, simple task list and project management functions.

Key features of Seafile:*

  • Organization of files in libraries.
  • Built-in file encryption.
  • Collaboration.
  • Version control.
  • Activity notifications.
  • Fast updates.
  • AD/LDAP integration.
Updated Sept. 17, 2018