Redmine is a project management information system with a web interface (online) that includes a full set of tools for collaborative project work. The system allows you to maintain several projects simultaneously, track their statuses, manage project steps, tasks, priorities, and flexibly assign roles to participants. Distributed under the GNU license. (That is, the product is free, even for commercial use, and does not impose any restrictions on the number of users.) This is a strong argument for many customers, since licensing is a significant budget item for many companies. Our company is engaged in a full cycle of project management systems implementation and the #1 among them, of course, is Redmine. We are using this project management system for more than 3 years and it appeared to be only from good sides - as productive, easy to use and configure and very friendly to users.


**What are the benefits of the Redmine system and what tasks does it solve?

  • It organizes a unified center for maintaining projects, programs and project portfolios in the company with flexible settings of the participants' roles - one and the same employee can play different roles in different projects. Provides a common standard of project management across the organization.
  • Allows the involvement of project participants in the process, provides a visual representation of tasks, deadlines, and project milestones. Everyone knows what to do next and can see the goal.
  • Flexible reporting on projects: who did what and when and will do it. Visibility of resource utilization, deadline control, task history. Automatic creation of Gantt chart and display of tasks on the calendar plan.
  • Easy access to information from anywhere, including geographically remote employees and departments. Ability to access information and reporting in viewing mode by interested parties, sponsors, and other project participants, clearly not related to the execution of tasks.
  • The system solves the problem of social interaction in projects by providing built-in project forums (discussion tools), news boards, knowledge bases and the ability to comment and discuss tasks.
  • Ability to customize the product for any subject area of business, by introducing new directories, additional fields for tasks, schemes for processing of task sequences.
  • The tool is not only for the project manager, but also for all members of the project team; it gives everyone access to the project at any time and anywhere, including from mobile devices.

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Updated Feb. 20, 2019