Ajenti is an open web panel that allows you to perform a large number of different server management tasks.

Ajenti was originally developed as a tool for easy management of Linux server components - working with NFS, users, network and firewall settings, and the file system


In October 2013, the developers announced the start of beta testing of an extension for this panel, Ajenti V. This extension adds Ajenti's web site dashboard features.

A key feature of Ajenti V is the rejection of the use of Apache as a webserver - the choice is made in favor of a lighter and faster NGINX. At the same time there is an opportunity to use Ajenti V not only to host sites using traditional PHP. The panel has support for various technologies - Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python.

Ajenti V supports such sets of modules:

  • ajentii-v-mail (Exim and Courier POP3/IMAP based mail system)
  • ajenti-v-mysql (MySQL support)
  • ajenti-v-php-fpm (PHP support in FastCGI mode, based on PHP-FPM)
  • ajenti-v-ruby-unicorn (Ruby on Rails with Unicorn)
  • ajenti-v-ruby-puma (Ruby on Rails with Puma)
  • ajenti-v-ftp-vsftpd (FTP server management based on vsftpd)
  • ajenti-v-nginx (NGINX webserver)
  • ajenti-v-python-gunicorn (Python WSGI support)
  • ajenti-v-nodejs (Node.js support)
Updated Sept. 17, 2018