Ajenti is an open web panel that allows you to perform a large number of different server management tasks: install packages, run commands, report basic information about the server, memory usage, free disk space.


Main features of the program:

  • server performance monitoring;
  • task scheduler;
  • DNS management;
  • user creation;
  • firewall;
  • file manager, etc.

User customization of Ajenti
The main page in Ajenti is the dashboard, which can be configured in a more user-friendly way. By default, the dashboard contains several widgets (e.g. CPU Usage and Uptime). Other widgets can be added by simply clicking the Add Widget button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Under Plugins you can find a lot of additional features. Some plugins are enabled by default, some need to be enabled manually or install the necessary dependencies.

System Management
The Filesystems menu lets you manage your hard drives, the Nameservers menu lets you change the server name, the Packages section lets you add any necessary packages, etc.

Updated Jan. 2, 2019