Checking CPU utilization with the top command

top (table of processes) is a console command that displays a list of processes running in the system and information about them. By default, it sorts them in real time by CPU load.

Diagnostics of disk space on the server

How to control the disk space occupied by the server.

Disk space control on the server

To find out the free space on the disk and to find files that take a lot of space you need to enter the server via SSH

Extended server management

Description of services included in the extended server management and monitoring service

Installation Munin

Instructions for installing and configuring the resource monitoring system - Munin

Limiting site load via Nginx

Description of operations with Nginx configuration file

Monitoring in the Hestia CP control panel

Hestia control panel monitoring tools

Monitoring ISPmanager

Description of the features of the module, which is designed to manage the services of the control panel

Monitoring Nginx

Ngxtop utility that monitors access logs of the Nginx web server

Monitoring VestaCP

Control panel monitoring tools

MTR for Windows and Linux

Using the MTR tool as well as the tracert utility


A guide on how to use the utility to collect information and statistics about the processes running in the system on your server

Server load analysis

Guidelines for monitoring the load on your server

SWAP in Linux

Guide to creating a SWAP partition on Linux

Using atop

Atop is a handy tool for system administration

Using resources in cPanel

Monitor resource consumption through the Metrics section of the cPanel control panel