Ansible for Ubuntu 18.04

How to install and configure Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04

DKIM + Exim for Ubuntu

Instructions for setting up DKIM on a server without a control panel

DNS cache

Instructions to clear DNS cache for Windows, Linux and MacOS


Linux installation guide for FFMPEG software

FTP accounts - creation via SSH

Guide to creating and configuring an ftp user using the SSH shell


Examples of using the .htaccess configuration file


Imagemagick software installation guide using the ISPmanager5 control panel


Running processes in supervisor

SWAP in Linux

Guide to creating a SWAP partition on Linux

Zip Archive

Archiver installation and operation guide

Tar Archiver

Archiver installation and operation guide

Diagnostics of disk space on the server

How to control the disk space occupied by the server.

Adding nginx modules to Linux

Description of instructions to add Nginx modules on Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS)

How to test the site

If there is no domain yet or it is not delegated...

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server