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A guide on how to use the utility to collect information and statistics about the processes running in the system on your server

2 weeks, 1 day

Server load analysis

Guidelines for monitoring the load on your server

3 weeks, 2 days

Copying files with the SCP utility

SCP Utility Guide

2 months, 1 week

Linux Malware Detect

Linux Malware Detect Virus Scanning Software Guide

2 months, 1 week

Adding Russian language on Windows Server 2019

Guide to adding Russian language to VPS with Windows Server 2019

5 months, 1 week

RDP File Transfer in Windows Server

Guidelines for setting up the clipboard via RDP

7 months, 3 weeks

Configuring DNS on Windows Server 2016/2019

Guide to changing the DNS server on a Windows server

8 months

Configuring DNS on Debian/Ubuntu

Change the domain name server.

8 months

Configuring DNS on CentOS/AlmaLinux/Rockylinux

Change the domain name server.

8 months

How do I know which operating system I have?

Specifying information about the installed OS on your server

8 months

The setting of timizone in different CMS

The setting in the php.ini and the sites admin's panels

8 months

Let's Encrypt certificate issue on older devices

30 Sep 2021 14:01:15 GMT IdenTrust DST Root CA X3 Root Certificate expired

9 months, 2 weeks

Cron Task Scheduler in aaPanel

Description of the Cron task scheduler, which is designed to run programs and scripts on the server automatically

9 months, 3 weeks

Restricting RDP access by IP address

Limiting the list of IP addresses that have rights to connect to the server

11 months, 2 weeks

Database management in the aaPanel control panel

Manual for working with databases in the aaPanel control panel

11 months, 4 weeks

FTP access to the Virtual Server with aaPanel control panel

Setting up an FTP connection to a server using the aaPanel control panel, using FileZilla as an example

1 year