The following services can be taken to the test:


Virtual hosting is free for 7 days, but with the following restrictions:

  • one order per account;
  • no access via SSH;
  • no email setup;
  • without using Cron;
  • change rate will be available only after the first payment of the order.

VPS for the test we offer the following conditions: you can take for a test for 4 days at a special price:

  • only tariff Cloud NVMe 1;
  • for 4 days at a special price of 0.65 €;
  • one time per account.

Restrictions are related to the protection against unscrupulous users. At the same time, the availability of payment data shows your commitment to long-term work with our company.

Standard configurations of dedicated servers are also available for a test period of 7 or 14 days at a special price. To discuss the conditions, create a ticket and we'll find a solution.

*We'll be glad to see you among our customers!