List of works as part of Extended server management service:

  1. Selection, installation and configuration of the operating system depending on the client's requirements.
  2. Installing and configuring additional software
    • Any virtualization systems, clustering
    • DNS, web, mail servers
    • GEO clusters
    • MySQL, PgSQL
    • Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB
  3. Transferring and configuring client projects (sites) on a new server.
  4. Creating and configuring email accounts, FTP/SSH depending on client needs.
  5. Separating access to different data for different users.
  6. Full daily backup of client project data to a remote server and restore data from a backup on client's request.
  7. Minute-by-minute monitoring of the availability and load of the server, the performance of individual services, disk arrays, as well as the client sites. In case the monitoring system triggers - the maximum response time of our engineers is 15 minutes at any time of the day and night without exception and without any faults reported by the client.
  8. Weekly update of the software and the OS itself on the server.
  9. Tuning and optimization of MySQL/Nginx/Apache, etc. individually for each project (of any complexity)
  10. Tips and advice on optimization of database queries and program code of projects.
  11. Basic assistance in protection against DDoS-attacks by means of the server itself.

Fornex Hosting S.L. provides the service "Full server administration and monitoring" on a fee basis. The cost of the service for each server is 450 euros/month (when ordering the service from 5 servers - discounts are available)

The service can be connected only for a dedicated server based on the operating system Linux (distributions: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian)

All server maintenance works are performed during the day shift (except for repair works in case of problems). Server maintenance and configuration work at night time (21:00 - 09:00 Moscow time) is paid additionally (40 euros for every hour of engineer's work)

> The time of planned night work is agreed in advance.

Updated Oct. 29, 2022