Ansible for Ubuntu 18.04

How to install and configure Ansible on Ubuntu 18.04

Composer on shared hosting

Information on using the composer package manager on shared hosting

DKIM and SPF in Hestia CP

Description of the mail authentication method that allows the recipient to verify that the email was really sent from the claimed domain

FTP accounts - creation via SSH

Guide to creating and configuring an ftp user using the SSH shell


Guide to using the Screen app to run programs in the background


Information on the secure SSH shell, through which you can work with the remote server console, as if you are right next to it

Zip Archive

Archiver installation and operation guide

Diagnostics of disk space on the server

How to control the disk space occupied by the server.

Securing ssh with Iptables

Description of examples of how to use Iptables

Changing file and folder permissions in ISPmanager5, FTP and SSH

Description of the procedure for assigning permissions to files and folders in the ISPmanager5 control panel, FTP and SSH

Import/Export MySQL Database via SSH

Description of the procedure for importing and exporting the database via a secure SSH protocol

Using atop

Atop is a handy tool for system administration

Using ssh on shared hosting

Information on using SSH access to shared hosting

How to change the root password in ISPmanager5 and via SSH

Guide on how to change the administrator password in the control panel and through the SSH shell

How to work in the console with alternate versions of PHP

How to use alternate versions of PHP in the console