Linux installation guide for FFMPEG software

FTP accounts - creation via SSH

Guide to creating and configuring an ftp user using the SSH shell


Imagemagick software installation guide using the ISPmanager5 control panel

Nginx + GeoIP: blocking users from specific countries

Using the GeoIP module for Nginx which allows to block users from different countries

Zip Archive

Archiver installation and operation guide

Software versions

Description of the software provided

Adding nginx modules to Linux

Description of instructions to add Nginx modules on Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS)

Using Docker in Debian 9

Instructions for Docker Community Edition (CE) in Debian 9

How to reset root password on VPS and Dedicated Server with Debian and Ubuntu

Description of the procedure for resetting the root password using the console and IPMI

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server

Configuring DNS on Debian/Ubuntu

Change the domain name server.

Configuring Firewall in ISPmanager5

Firewall Configuration Guide in the ISPmanager Control Panel

Missing databases in ISPmanager

A guide to fixing a common bug with a missing database

Changing the MySQL password-root

Description of the procedure for changing the password-root user and other MySQL users

Nano text editor

Description of the Nano text editor

Vi text editor

Description of the text editor Vi