DKIM and SPF in Vesta CP

Description of the mail authentication method that allows the recipient to verify that the email was really sent from the claimed domain

FTP access to VPS using Vesta CP

Setting up an FTP connection to a server using the Vesta control panel, using FileZilla as an example

Software versions

Description of the software provided

Default domain on IP in ISPmanager and Vesta control panels

With the help of this instruction you can: install technological or test domain on VPS, see how your site opens from the server VPS without prescribing DNS server for the domain, set page-blocker by server IP-address

Changing the memory limit in Vesta CP

Guidelines for increasing the size of downloadable files in the control panel

Changing the php mode for the domain in Vesta CP

Guide to editing the php modes in the Vesta CP control panel

Information about the root password for the MySQL user in VestaCP

How to find out the login and password for MySQL root access in the Vesta control panel

VestaCP configuration files

Locations of files and directories that may be useful for working with the control panel

Monitoring VestaCP

Control panel monitoring tools

Configuring NS in Vesta CP

Configuring NS records of the hosting provider in the Vesta CP control panel

Configuring an SSL certificate in Vesta CP

Description of the procedure for setting up SSL certificates on a server with the Vesta control panel

Configuring caching and compression settings in VestaCP

How to enable static file caching to speed up site load and reduce server load

Configuring mail in VestaCP

Guide to creating a mail account and mailboxes in the control panel

Getting Started with Virtual Server and VestaCP

This guide will help you do the initial setup in the panel for your sites

Updating phpMyAdmin in Vesta CP

Guide to upgrading the version of phpMyAdmin in the Vesta control panel

Updating PHP version on VPS with VestaCP panel

Guidelines for upgrading the PHP version on a server with a Vesta panel