Services offered by our company

Our company employs more than 40 qualified employees who will help resolve almost any issue with placing your projects in our data centers. We offer a wide range of free and paid services.

Rent a server in Europe

We rent exclusively our own equipment, which is physically located in Germany (Frankfurt)

Free basic administration

All services of our company are covered by free basic administration service. We can help you configure the server to your needs and migrate your projects to our hardware.

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Extended server management

As a separate paid service, we provide extended server and project management, including round-the-clock monitoring. As part of this service, our engineers monitor the availability of your project around the clock. We work with projects of any complexity.

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Our data centers are interconnected using the MPLS protocol, which allows our customers to build a fault-tolerant GEO cluster on the basis of their servers. Local traffic between servers in Germany and the Netherlands is not counted.

Protection against DDoS attacks

Our hardware complex will protect your projects from the most powerful DDoS attacks. We have many years of experience in protecting web projects and game servers from attacks of more than 40 Gbps. We provide this service only on a paid basis and we offer both preventive and active DDoS protection. (L7, SYN flood, UDP, ICMP, etc.)

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Fornex is a European web hosting provider with over 10 years of experience. We use our own equipment in major data centers in various places around the world (Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, USA), which allows our customers to receive the highest quality and most stable service.