As part of the Backup service, the user is given some disk space on the provider's server to store VPS backups

Access to the allocated disk space is performed via FTP.

The local form of data storage is suitable for most users, but it is not secure as it is not desirable to store backups on the same drive where your data resides.

Backup is necessary to be able to restore information in case of loss of a VPS working copy due to a crash or accidental deletion of data.

To configure "Backup " service you need to set up backup copying.
If you use ISPmanager5 control panel, we recommend using its built-in backup functionality, see article Backup with ISPmanager5, control panel Vesta CP, or when using Hestia CP.

For this service, we use Enterprise-class disks exclusively. The storage is connected to the switch via a dedicated 10 Gbit/s port.

Backup VPS servers are stored on separate dedicated servers in the same data center as the VPS server itself.

If you have any difficulties or any additional questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.

Updated March 29, 2021