By default, the Vesta control panel "Vesta " backs up only locally.
    In order to store data on a remote server Vesta* supports backing up to an external "FTP server "**

    To configure this type of storage go to Top Menu "Server → Server Settings "


    Go to "backup " menu and open tab "Remote backup " and fill in all fields:

    • "Protocol " - choose the protocol configured on your backup server - ftp or sftp (ftp by default)
    • "Server " - ftp server address
    • "Account " - ftp server username
    • "Password " - user password
    • "Directory " - specify the address of the folder where to save server backups (specify the address from the root of the server, for example like in Vesta /home/backup/)


    Click the "Save " button.

    *The backup is initially done on the local server, and only then is it backed up to the remote server via FTP

    There is also a tab for Local Backup Storage settings.


    The absolute path for data backups in Vesta is /backup. In the control panel, it's listed exactly the same as /backup.


    Now we need to set up an automatic backup system.

    Go to "CRON "
    Find the line sudo /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-backup-users and click "Edit "

    Now let's setup the frequency of the automatic backup.

    • We recommend that you create the backup at night time. Creating a backup increases the load on the server, which may cause sites to open with a delay.

    You can set the frequency in the highlighted table
    After that press "Generate " your parameters and then press the "Save " button.