Blocking access to the site using a .htaccess file

Description of blocking access to the site using the .htaccess configuration file

Getting Started with Virtual Hosting and Our Billing

This article will help you with the initial setup of your sites on our shared hosting service with Billing

How do I know which operating system I have?

Specifying information about the installed OS on your server

How to clear browser cache

Information on how to clear browser cache in popular browsers

How to find out the domain owner

Examples of domain owner search options

How to ping and trace

How to ping and trace

How to test the site

If there is no domain yet or it is not delegated...

Limitations of shared hosting

Limitations of shared hosting

Look Glass Fornex

Checking availability and response, via our LG

Protection against brutforce

Guide to protecting your server from password cracking - Brute Force attacks

Security measures on Virtual Hosting

A description of the basic security rules you should follow to protect your projects

Site accessibility

Information about how you can check the availability of the site

Site map or sitemap.xml

Description of the features of the site map

Software versions

Description of the software provided

The difference between Virtual Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Server

Description of the main differences between the orders

VPS rates

Description of VPS rates

What are the statuses of domain names

Information on the possible statuses of domain names

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server