Virtual hosting

This option is considered the cheapest and the amount of memory and resources allocated in this case will be minimal.

On virtual hosting you will share resources with other website owners, which are also hosted on the server. It is important to note that in this case, you will not have a guaranteed amount of resources. Under certain circumstances and the load placed on the server by "your" neighbors and your site, it can simply shut down and it will be inoperable.

Nevertheless, sites with low traffic are very profitable to place on shared hosting. Why overpay for more, when everything works fine and on a cheap hosting plan.

Virtual Server (VPS)

A virtual server differs from a dedicated server in that in this case you are not the sole owner of the server. On a dedicated server, a software environment is created, which allows, with the help of KVM virtualization technology, to run several isolated servers. In this situation, you share the server resources with other people whose sites also reside on the same server.

But at the same time you have the opportunity:

  • Get a guarantee that a certain fixed amount of memory will be allocated for your site.
  • Get full root control and install the software and set up the server settings you need.

Dedicated Server (DS)

A dedicated server is the most expensive solution offered, but by hosting your site on a dedicated server, you get the most you can. A separate physical server is allocated for your sites. All the resources of this machine are fully allocated for the performance of your projects. You can manage it yourself, as you need it:

  • Install software;
  • Switch on, switch off and restart;
  • Set the necessary settings.
Updated Dec. 27, 2019