Cron task scheduler in CloudPanel

Description of the Cron task scheduler, which is designed to run programs and scripts on the server automatically

Extended server management

Description of services included in the extended server management and monitoring service

Replenishment and payment from balance

Description of the procedure for recharging and paying for services from your balance

Granting SSH access to a user using the Hestia CP control panel

A guide on how to enable user ssh access in the Hestia CP control panel

Trial period

Test period conditions

Checking availability of your server's IP address

Information on how to check the availability of the server

Checking Internet speed with Fast Utility

Netflix Internet Speed Tester Installation Guide

Path to the executable file

Description of the search for the full path to an executable file

Features section in ISPmanager5

Description of basic operations with the installed software in the server control panel

PHP Interpreter Modes

Comparison of PHP script interpreter modes

Backup in BrainyCP

Instructions for setting up backups in the BrainyCP control panel

Site load speed

Analyzing page loads on your site

Changing NS records for a domain registered through us

Guidelines for changing NS records for a domain

Creating a user in the updated version of the ISPmanager5 control panel

Description of the procedure for creating a user in the ISPmanager5 control panel

Payment methods

Description of payment options when ordering services

VPS rates

Description of VPS rates