How long will it take to install the server?

Usually we try to deliver the server within 1 business day, but depending on the number of orders, the installation period can take 14 days. If you have not received the server after 2 weeks from the order, you are entitled to demand a full refund from us. Reporting month (billing period) starts when the server is ready, not the time of payment. VPS (virtual servers) orders are activated within 5-15 minutes after payment.

Who owns the equipment?

Absolutely all hardware belongs to our company. We have constant physical access to each server, which allows us to fix any technical problem at any time of the day or night. If you want to rent a server that is not among the offered rates, we can assemble a server of any configuration for you, to order.

Where are the servers physically located?

When ordering a server, in the detailed description, we always specify the country of its location. Please note that we try to work only with those DCs, which show good results in the return of traffic in the RF. At the moment we install all our new equipment in data centers First-colo (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), WorldStream (Naldwijk, Netherlands), DataLine (Moscow, Russia), Datasource (Hünenberg, Switzerland), Global IP Networks (Dallas, USA), bitNAP Datacenter (Barcelona, Spain), Volia (Kiev, Ukraine).

How do you respond to complaints (abuse)?

We react to all the complaints calmly, because we realize that in the age of web 2.0 it is difficult to keep track of every page of your site, especially when the site is created by tens of thousands of users. We give from 12-48 hours to resolve various types of conflicts. Please note that we are not "abusive" hosting and extremely do not welcome projects that are constantly receiving complaints.

Why don't you provide technical support by phone?

We are very careful about the quality of our technical support and know that the client is more pleasant and convenient to communicate through the internal system of requests. The main thing is that the customer will have the proof in case of incorrect work from our side.

When does technical support work?

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Tickets for servers with full administration and monitoring (paid service) are processed 24 hours a day

Of course we are happy to work with legal entities, but please consider beforehand the fact that our company is located in Spain and you will be signing a contract with a Spanish company with an account in Spain. We do not have a subsidiary company in Russia and will not have one.

What is the minimum payment period?

1 month which you have to pay in advance.

Can I test the server before ordering?

Yes, you can. Information about test period.

How can I test my site without being directed to the order IP?

You can use our guide.

How many servers can I order?

As many as you like, but for larger orders, please contact our support team. First, we can tell you right away how long it will take to implement your order, and we are guaranteed to give you serious discounts for a substantial order.

Why are the prices in euros (€)?

We are a European company, so all prices in your order must be in Euros.

What is prohibited to place on the servers?

It is forbidden to place: scanners, proxies, proxies, OpenVPN and other VPN servers, torrent-trackers and torrent-clients, malicious software, IRC-servers, phishing, as well as any content that violates EU laws. If you have any doubts about the use of certain services on our servers, we recommend you to contact our support service. If you violate our rules, your server will be blocked and money will not be refunded. Accommodation of game servers (PW, WoW, Lineage, etc.) on VPS is prohibited:

Can I host adult websites?

You can host such materials on VPS and Dedicated servers, as long as they do not violate EU legislation. If you place any prohibited materials on our servers, we will not only cooperate with law enforcement authorities, but also will initiate a criminal case. This is especially true for child pornography.

Do you have your own NS servers?

Yes, of course we do. After ordering, in DNS, you can add unlimited domains to our NS servers, which are located in different data centers

What currency do you accept payments in?

All the prices on our site are in the currency you prefer, but all the internal payments we make exclusively in euros (€), so the server price in your national currency can vary significantly depending on the exchange rate of this currency to the euro.

Do you help with relocation?

Yes, we help all new customers to move their projects from the old hosting to the new one.

Updated Oct. 9, 2023