Import and Export Database via PhpMyAdmin in cPanel

Description of the procedure for importing the database via PhpMyAdmin

Importing and Exporting Email in cPanel

Guide to importing and exporting mail in the control panel

Indexing subdomains in cPanel

How to disable indexing of subdomains (created by adding additional domains)

Indexes in cPanel

The Index Manager allows you to customize the way you browse the catalog on the Internet

Using ssh on shared hosting

Information on using SSH access to shared hosting

Using resources in cPanel

Monitor resource consumption through the Metrics section of the cPanel control panel

How to clear browser cache

Information on how to clear browser cache in popular browsers

How to switch to a new tariff

Guidelines for order customization and change of tariff plan

Site map or sitemap.xml

Description of the features of the site map

Disk space control in cPanel

Description of disk space control in the cPanel control panel

Directory privacy in cPanel

Description of the security method that allows you to set a password to protect certain directories of your account in the cPanel control panel

Caching in cPanel

How to enable static file caching in the cPanel control panel

Caching static files in Nginx

A guide to configuring static file caching in the user's browser cache.

File download limit

Instructions for editing the php.ini file to change the file download limit

Error log in cPanel

How to view the error log (the last 300 errors of the Apache web server) in the cPanel control panel

MySQL database wizard in cPanel

Description of creating databases in 4 steps using the MySQL Database Wizard section