To add a Cyrillic domain in the control panel, it must be converted to the encoding "Punycode ".
This can be done for example with the service 2IP.


Next. Go to the control panel cPanel and go to the section: "Domains → Extra Domains ".


Filling in all the fields:


  • "Additional domain " enter Cyrillic domain name in Punycode-format
    For it will be xn--80arbjktj.xn--p1ag.
  • "Subdomain " enter any name you like in Latin letters, for example moysite.
  • "Document root ": public_html/moysite/ (enter name of the folder where your site will be located; you can choose it by yourself or leave default /xn--80arbjktj.xn--p1ag).
  • In this section you can Create an FTP account associated with this additional domain by checking the box.
  • "Enter a password and confirm it ". We recommend creating strong passwords or using a password generator

Press the "Add domain " button.

*After adding a site in cPanel, you must add it to our DNS panel

Updated April 17, 2019