Checking CPU utilization with the top command

top (table of processes) is a console command that displays a list of processes running in the system and information about them. By default, it sorts them in real time by CPU load.

Error 403 forbidden on Virtual Hosting.

Causes of 403 forbidden error on shared hosting.

Error Failure code: 321, when paying for the order

Description of the error that occurs when there is no authentication by 3ds

Installing and using the chkrootkit vulnerability scanner

Virtual Server Security Configuration Guide

Installing and using the Lynis vulnerability scanner

Virtual Server Security Configuration Guide

Let's Encrypt certificate issue on older devices

30 Sep 2021 14:01:15 GMT IdenTrust DST Root CA X3 Root Certificate expired

Limiting site load via Nginx

Description of operations with Nginx configuration file

Linux Malware Detect

Linux Malware Detect Virus Scanning Software Guide

Methods to combat spam

Description of the main methods to protect the mail server from spam

Monitoring Nginx

Ngxtop utility that monitors access logs of the Nginx web server

Security measures on the Virtual Server

A description of the basic security rules you should follow to protect your projects

Security on a VPS

Fundamentals of Virtual Server security

Server load analysis

Guidelines for monitoring the load on your server

Site load speed

Analyzing page loads on your site

Verifying the private key of an SSL certificate

How do I check if my private key corresponds to my SSL certificate?

Viewing and deleting IPs from the spam list on the Virtual Server

Instructions on how to remove your IP from the mail blacklist