Setting up an IOS Iphone email client from a Virtual Hosting order

How to set up an email client on your iPhone

Site map or sitemap.xml

Description of the features of the site map

Site Migration

Come to us from any other hosting provider

Specifying the database encoding in the site scripts when using cPanel hosting and control panel

Guidance on how to change the encoding of the site through the configuration file .htaccess

Statistics in cPanel

You can keep track of resource consumption thanks to the statistics section in the cPanel control panel.

Subdomains in cPanel

Instructions for creating and managing subdomains in the control panel

Switching to HTTPS in Opencart

Description of translating the site to HTTPS in the CMS Opencart

The difference between Virtual Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Server

Description of the main differences between the orders

Trial period

Test period conditions

Two-factor authentication in cPanel

Guidelines for setting up secure identification when logging into the cPanel control panel

Using resources in cPanel

Monitor resource consumption through the Metrics section of the cPanel control panel

Using ssh on shared hosting

Information on using SSH access to shared hosting

Viewing and deleting IPs from the spam list on Virtual Hosting

Instructions on how to remove your IP from the mail blacklist

Virtual Hosting order management

Description of the main features to manage your Virtual Hosting order

Visitors in cPanel

How to view the statistics of recent visits to your site using the cPanel control panel