Configuring a redirect in ISPmanager5

Guidelines for setting up redirects using the ISPmanager control panel

The difference between Virtual Hosting, Virtual Server and Dedicated Server

Description of the main differences between the orders

Nginx errors and troubleshooting

Description of the main errors and options for fixing them

ISPmanager5 Server Control Panel

ISPmanager is a control panel for dedicated and virtual servers, which allows you to manage various software via a web interface. It can be the creation of an unlimited number of users, web servers (Apache or nginx), as well as DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL), mail servers (Sendmail, Exim), etc.

PHP error reporting options in ISPmanager5

Setting the PHP error reporting parameter value

Changing the main MySQL version on the server with Ubuntu 18.04

Instructions on how to change the main version of MySQL on a server running Ubuntu 18.04

Changing the MySQL password-root

Description of the procedure for changing the password-root user and other MySQL users

Creating a new user in ISPmanager5

Description of the procedure for creating a user in the control panel

Payment methods

Description of payment options when ordering services

Remote connection to the MySQL server using ISPmanager5 and SSH

How to connect to a MySQL-server using the ISPmanager5 control panel and via a secure network protocol SSH

Database Management in ISPmanager5

Guide to working with databases in the ISPmanager5 control panel

Installing Docker Compose in Debian 9

Docker Compose installation guide in Debian 9

Installing Java

Instructions for installing and configuring the Java programming language

Installing Let's Encrypt SSL for ISPmanager5 control panel

Instructions on how to install an SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt using the built-in plug-in in the ISPmanager5 control panel

Installation Munin

Instructions for installing and configuring the resource monitoring system - Munin

Installing RSYNC

Instructions for installing and configuring Remote Synchronization (RSYNC) for data synchronization