Basic Administration Regulations:

  1. Initial installation of OS on the server (on VPS is installed OS from the template chosen by the client in any case for free);
  2. Resetting of administrative / root operating system password for VPS and dedicated server orders with OS Linux;
  3. Adding additional IP to the server;
  4. Setting up backups (backups), including remote servers (in case of purchasing additional space on our backup server);
  5. Installation of standard modules for PHP and other software;
  6. Installation of the standard software from the repositories;
  7. Upgrading the operating system within the existing major version and package base;
  8. Installing popular PHP modules from the repository
  9. Basic tuning to suit the load of the project;
  10. Free transfer of sites (not more than 10 per order);
  11. Basic configuration of firewall (iptables) with a set of static rules.

Additional conditions

  • Free basic administration only applies to servers with the control panel installed
    • HestiaCP, aaPanel for Ubuntu 20.04;
    • HestiaCP, CloudPanel for Ubuntu 22.04;
    • HestiaCP, aaPanel for Debian 10;
    • HestiaCP for Debian 11;
    • BrainyCP, aaPanel for CentOS 7.
  • The company Fornex Hosting S.L. has the right to deny basic administration, if the server was configured by other administrators;
  • Support service applies only to customers who do not resell hosting or/and providing services to third parties;
  • Fornex Hosting S.L. provides the service without any guarantees and on the "as is" principle;
  • Fornex Hosting S.L has the right to refuse to provide services without giving any reasons.

!!! "One-time administrative work" - €20/hour (9:00 - 21:00 UTC+2)
Services for the installation and configuration of any software, fine-tuning and optimization of the server at the request of the client, which are not included in the scope of service basic administration.

Updated June 6, 2024