Confirm the legitimacy and correctness of the e-mail address indicated in the registration data in the following cases:

  • registration of a domain name in an international zone;
  • obtaining administration rights from another person;
  • change of contact information.

A letter will be sent to your contact e-mail specified during domain registration.

*Please note that within 24 hours you will receive a notification with a link to confirm your email address

If you have not clicked on the link within 14 days of sending the notice, the domain name will be blocked. Further unblocking of the domain is possible only after the repeated confirmation of the email address by the Customer.

Example letter:

Follow the link in the email:

After clicking the link you will see a message:

Валидация регистрационных данных необходима только для gtld доменов. Validation is not required for other domain zones.

During the validation process there is a check of the last name, first name and e-mail. If you have previously registered domain names in the international zone with these data and successfully validated them, then the registration of new domain names for this surname, first name and e-mail, a validation request is not sent.

*Validation is MUST for all domain names in the international zone. If you change the contact e-mail on the domain, it must also be validated. The validation link will come to the new or current contact e-mail of the domain, depending on the domain zone.

Updated Sept. 12, 2018