Canceling a registered domain

This article is suitable for users who have decided to refuse or change the domain name after its registration

Default domain on IP in ISPmanager and Vesta control panels

With the help of this instruction you can: install technological or test domain on VPS, see how your site opens from the server VPS without prescribing DNS server for the domain, set page-blocker by server IP-address

Domain lifetime

Description of domain lifetime from the moment of registration to the moment of deletion from the registry

Domain registration

What documents are required to register a domain?

How to add a Cyrillic domain.

Description of the procedure for adding a Cyrillic domain

How to transfer a domain from one account to another in REG.RU?

Description of domain transfer procedure between accounts

Ignore DNS Server

How to ignore DNS servers issued by the OpenVPN server

Validating the email address of the domain owner

Description of the email address verification procedure when registering a domain