Software versions

Description of the software provided

Specifying the database encoding in the site scripts when using cPanel hosting and control panel

Guidance on how to change the encoding of the site through the configuration file .htaccess

Statistics in cPanel

You can keep track of resource consumption thanks to the statistics section in the cPanel control panel.

Subdomains in cPanel

Instructions for creating and managing subdomains in the control panel

Switching to HTTPS in Bitrix

Description of translating the site to HTTPS in CMS Bitrix

Switching to HTTPS in Joomla

Description of translating the site to HTTPS in CMS Joomla

Switching to HTTPS in October CMS

Description of the process of translating the site to HTTPS in October CMS

Switching to HTTPS in Opencart

Description of translating the site to HTTPS in the CMS Opencart

System information in ISPmanager5

This module provides information about system parameters, such as the CPU used by ISPmanager, the size of available RAM and swap file, disk space size, the number of active processes and average load.

The Cron task scheduler in BrainyCP

Description of the Cron task scheduler, which is designed to run programs and scripts on the server automatically

Two-factor authentication in cPanel

Guidelines for setting up secure identification when logging into the cPanel control panel

Updating PHP version on VPS with VestaCP panel

Guidelines for upgrading the PHP version on a server with a Vesta panel

Updating phpMyAdmin in Vesta CP

Guide to upgrading the version of phpMyAdmin in the Vesta control panel

Updating the server software with ISPmanager5

ISPmanager5 allows you to update the software installed on Debian/Ubuntu OS, CentOS OS.

Using resources in cPanel

Monitor resource consumption through the Metrics section of the cPanel control panel