A database** is a set of linked tables. And it is in them that all the information on your site is stored.

Optimization of tables (or also called defragmentation of table indexes) is necessary when the database is constantly adding and removing records. Simply put optimization of database tables allows you to remove "empty" keys, thereby speeding up future selection operations.

To perform optimization of tables in phpMyAdmin you need to:

Click on "Databases " in the top menu, or in the window on the left choose our database by clicking on it:


By doing so, we have opened the list of all the database tables. Now scroll down to the bottom of the list, click "Mark All " and then select "Optimize Table " from the drop-down list "With Marked ":


After successful optimization, you'll see a message like this:


We recommend defragmenting tables at least once a month on sites like e-shops, forums, blogs.

Updated Feb. 25, 2019