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Scheduler is a tool for automatically running jobs on the server, repeating at set intervals
You can use it to flexibly configure various tasks. A cron scheduler task is understood as the full path to the program to be executed automatically at a specified interval.

In order to add a cron job in the Hestia hosting control panel you need:

Go to the Cron menu item.


Type of task:

  • shell script;
  • backup site;
  • backup database;
  • cut log;
  • free RAM;
  • access URL.



Click Add Task and set the time intervals for the job.

  • When adding a backup task, you should run it manually and check if the backup package is complete
  • Insufficient disk space, database password error, network instability, etc. may result in incomplete data backup
  • Support file or directory exclusion when backing up sites and directories. Please upgrade the plug-ins that need to be excluded to the latest version


After adding a cron job, you will have several items to interact with this task:

  • Execute - button to execute this cron job.
  • Edit - allows you to edit the cron job.
  • Log - logs files.
  • Del - allows you to delete the cron job.

If you have any configuration difficulties or have further questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.

Updated Dec. 8, 2021