To change the IP address of an existing domain, select it from the list by going to "Domains → WWW Domains " and click on the "Change " button


In the domain edit form that opens, select the desired IP address in the IP address drop-down list, and click "Ok ".


*If you use our NS servers for domains/subdomains, you need to specify the purchased IP address in the DNS panel, for the required domains/subdomains, details how to update the entries in the DNS panel - DNS panel. **

*If you use your own DNS, you need to make changes at the domain name registrar or in the panel of the specified NS servers

**Changing DNS records can take up to 72 hours. During this time, sites under the changed domain may not be displayed correctly


To add the "Additional IP " purchased in the ISPmanager5 control panel, go to the "IP addresses " section and click the "Create " button


In the opened "IP-address " field specify the address you want to add and click "Ok " button


No need to reboot the panel or server after adding an address.

Updated July 25, 2020