Mass mailing (SPAM) is prohibited by our Terms of Service (TOS).

3.The subscriber agrees not to use the services provided for:  
- mass mailings (postal, mass placement of links, e-mail marketing, etc.) messages of advertising nature (SPAM) containing, including links to resources which are placed on the operator's facilities;

In case your site has been attacked by intruders and hacked:

  • We recommend that you check with antivirus software, for example: Lynis, Chkrootkit all your sites

Of the general security recommendations, the following points can be noted:

  • use strong passwords;
  • Try not to use the 777 rights for files/folders (the recommended permissions are 755 for directories and 644 for files)
  • Perform password changes once a month for ftp and admin area
  • Check the access computers with anti-virus (for example, Dr.Web CureIT), once a month; Check the CMS for updated passwords
  • Update your CMS;
  • Regularly update the OS and software;
  • Make sure you don't install any third party modules to your CMS;*Use a licensed software license
  • **use the licensed builds of CMS and only. Buildings that are "nulled" in 90% contain backdoors, which allow you to use your site and server for scammers
Updated April 13, 2021