We are not an "Abusive" host and generally do not welcome projects that are constantly being complained about
Regardless, we always respond calmly and respectfully pass them on to Our customers - giving 12 to 48 hours to resolve various kinds of conflicts.

Because your order is located on Virtual Hosting, and ignoring the problem will lead to the inclusion of the server IP-address, which are our other clients - blacklist from various controlling structures.

We are forced to Block order until your reaction to this problem.
According to the rules that are described in our public offer:

4.2 The Operator has the right to block the Subscriber's order in case of violation of provisions of this Offer. In this case the Operator shall send a warning to the Subscriber via the Ticket system in advance. If the Subscriber refuses to take actions to rectify the breach or fails to react within five working days, the Operator shall block the order. In case the Subscriber fails to react on his/her part within the following ten days, the Operator shall cancel the order  


If you have any additional questions, you can always contact our support service via Ticket system.

Updated April 30, 2024