Remote connection to mysql server using ISPmanager5

The MySQL server can listen to certain addresses to receive incoming connections.

To change the settings, go to Settings → Database Servers

Highlight the connected server and click Change. To change the listening ip-address, enable remote access on the form and select the address from the list that appears:


Creating a database user

Due to the fact that the work with remote access will be brought up to date, the creation and editing of database users will undergo changes. If remote access is disabled on the server where the user is to be placed, in the user settings the item of the same name will be unavailable.


Remote connection to mysql server using Console

To connect to MySQL server using command line, in terminal emulator type the following command:

mysql -h -u example_user -p  
  • -h your domain name
  • -u database user
  • -p password request for database user

You can also connect directly to the desired database:

mysql -h -u example_user -p example_db  

where example_db at the end of the command is the name of your database.

Updated Sept. 11, 2018