Виртуальный сервер в Нидерландах

Аренда VPS в надежном ЦОД в Нидерландах. Виртуальный сервер на SSD дисках в Голландии с моментальной установкой и большим выбором ОС и программного обеспечения.
Виртуализация KVM дает гарантированные ресурсы и полный root-доступ к виртуальному серверу серверу.

Виртуальный сервер в Нидерландах
  • 100 Mbps of bandwidth

    100 Connection speed for every virtual machine

  • Unmetered traffic

    Unlimited data transfer within the allocated bandwidth

  • KVM for virtualization

    Security and complete isolation of virtual machine resources

Stability guarantee

Other websites hosted on the server will not impact your VPS's operation since resources are completely isolated from each other using KVM virtualization technologies.

Each VPS includes:
  • Basic server management
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Full root access to server via SSH and VNC
  • DDoS protection from attacks up to 10 Gbps
  • Geo-distributed DNS
  • OS of choice:
  • Ubuntu


  • Cent OS

    Cent OS

  • Debian


  • Windows Server

    Windows Server

  • AlmaLinux


  • Arch Linux

    Arch Linux

  • Oracle Linux

    Oracle Linux

  • RockyLinux


  • Fedora


Additional features:
Extra IP addresses

Extra IP addresses

Free admin panel: HestiaCP, AApanel, CyberPanel, BrainyCP, CloudPanel

Free admin panel: HestiaCP, AApanel, CyberPanel, BrainyCP, CloudPanel

Additional FTP space for backup

Additional FTP space for backup

Hardware DDoS protection from attacks <nobr>up to 250 Gbps</nobr>

Hardware DDoS protection from attacks up to 250 Gbps

tech support

Our engineers help you solve most technical issues for free, e.g  website migration, project setup, or something else. Contact our tech support whenever you like, and we will be glad to help you.

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Fornex is an international web hosting provider with over 10 years of experience. We use our own equipment in major data centers in various places around the world (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Russian Federation, United States, Spain), which allows our customers to receive the highest quality and most stable service.

High-performance networking all over the world

Every project needs to be online. Our smart network solutions powered by Juniper help your business stay agile, competitive, and secure. You may choose any location of the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Russia. Our engineers on-site will take care of the rest.

Our Juniper-powered network infrastructure ensures seamless network operation, even during the largest DDoS attacks.

Reliable parent servers

The virtualization parent servers are based on new Supermicro hardware. The disk subsystem is based on a RAID10 array of fast NVMe drives. All drives are powered by a hardware RAID controller connected to a standalone battery.

KVM is the most advanced hardware virtualization system that guarantees complete isolation of virtual server resources.

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