VPNs are mainly used to protect their data transmitted over unsecured networks. For example, to protect data in insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots. VPNs can also be used to hide the client's IP or country of location, which is necessary to access resources that may be blocked by ISPs.

Advantages of VPN service:

  • encrypted data transfer
  • Access to resources that are blocked by your provider
  • No possibility to listen to the traffic in unprotected Wi-Fi networks
  • Access to resources that are only available to certain countries

We provide VPN service based on the most popular OpenVPN technology. This VPN software can be installed on most operating systems.

You can order VPN service on our website, go to the link - https://fornex.com/vpn/.
Information about setting up and connecting is available in our knowledge base.

Updated Nov. 13, 2020