Migration of sites

We help our customers to transfer their sites from other hosting. This is a free service, which we try to provide the highest quality and quickly, however, each site and each CMS has its own characteristics and our specialists are not able to predict all the requirements and nuances, so please be lenient to the engineers and try to describe exactly what is required from the transfer and what you should pay special attention to!

To do this, you need to provide our experts with maximum information to access the servers from which your sites will be migrated:

  • Access to the hosting control panel (URL address, username and password).
  • Access to the server via SSH (if any. Server address (IP), username and password).
  • Access to the server via FTP (server address (IP), user name and password).
  • The list of sites / domains for the transfer.
  • For each domain - the availability of aliases and subdomains (if any).
  • For each domain - used CMS (e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, DLE, Drupal).
  • If you use non-standard or written specifically for you CMS, as well as additional plug-ins - specify the characteristics of the setting , in what files and what you need to check or change. During the migration, we may need to contact your programmer / webmaster to clarify the technicalities. Porting of non-standard CMS is performed without any warranty, as possible technical limitations of the platform / software versions, etc. that are not always possible on the host server.

** Please note:**

  • We help with the transfer of the first 10 sites from another hosting provider for free. Transfer of every next 5 sites costs 10 euros
  • Sites transfer from Virtual Hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server is free of charge.
  • Sites are moved from a VPS to a VPS for free, if the control panel is the same on both order, if the transfer is made from a server without a control panel on the server where it is available (and vice versa), then the transfer is made on a paid basis. The cost of 1 hour of engineers, 20 euros. Does not take into account the time it takes to copy files over the network. To clarify, contact support.
  • Sites can be transferred for a fee if you use non-standard CMS or require installation of specific software for correct operation of the sites. The cost of 1 hour of engineers, 20 euros. Time spent for copying files on the network is not taken into account. To clarify, contact support.
  • Migration is performed with minimum priority, depending on the workload of our engineers.