How do I know which operating system I have?

Specifying information about the installed OS on your server

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server

Site map or sitemap.xml

Description of the features of the site map

VPS cloning

Description of the procedure to create a "mold" of a virtual server using Billing

Disk space control on the server

To find out the free space on the disk and to find files that take a lot of space you need to enter the server via SSH

VestaCP configuration files

Locations of files and directories that may be useful for working with the control panel

Caching static files in Nginx

A guide to configuring static file caching in the user's browser cache.

File download limit

Instructions for editing the php.ini file to change the file download limit

File Manager in ISPmanager5

With the file manager you can perform various operations with files, such as viewing, changing parameters, copying, moving, deleting, archiving and unarchiving, downloading and uploading from computer to server and vice versa, work with archives, as with normal directories.

Security measures on the Virtual Server

A description of the basic security rules you should follow to protect your projects

Monitoring Nginx

Ngxtop utility that monitors access logs of the Nginx web server

Monitoring VestaCP

Control panel monitoring tools

Monitoring in the Hestia CP control panel

Hestia control panel monitoring tools

Mounting ISO

Description of the virtual server image mounting procedure

Configuring DNS on Windows Server 2016/2019

Guide to changing the DNS server on a Windows server