Vesta Control Panel Server Control Panel

Vesta Control Panel - this is one of the most popular, simple and convenient panels for managing sites, with its help you can add new sites, work with mail and databases, Cron, updates, editing DNS zones, the ability to add SSL and automatic installation of certificates from Let's Encrypt with one button.

VestaCP configuration files

Locations of files and directories that may be useful for working with the control panel

Viewing and deleting IPs from the spam list on the Virtual Server

Instructions on how to remove your IP from the mail blacklist

Virtual Server (VPS) order management

Description of the main features to manage your Virtual Server order

VPS cloning

Description of the procedure to create a "mold" of a virtual server using Billing

VPS rates

Description of VPS rates

VPS Reboot

Description of the server restart procedure

VPS Snapshot

Description of the backup setting in Billing your order

What operating systems can be installed on a VPS?

Description of provided operating systems for virtual server

When you create a new domain in Vesta CP, the content of the first site is shown

A guide to fixing a common error when creating a new domain in the Vesta control panel

Windows Server on VPS

Description of the main features of Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022

Yandex and Gmail in ISPmanager5

Guide to configuring Yandex or Gmail mail in the ISPmanager control panel