Indexing subdomains in cPanel

How to disable indexing of subdomains (created by adding additional domains)

Mailbox in cPanel

Guidelines for creating and editing mailboxes in the cPanel control panel

ModSecurity in cPanel

Description of the ModSecurity module, which acts as a firewall

MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel

Description of the options when changing parameters in the php.ini file

MySQL database wizard in cPanel

Description of creating databases in 4 steps using the MySQL Database Wizard section

MySQL databases in cPanel

Instructions for working with databases in the cPanel control panel

MySQL user rights and privileges in the Hosting Control Panel

Description of the procedure for assigning rights to MySQL users in the cPanel control panel and their designation

Permission denied error in cPanel

Solving the Permission denied error that occurs when deleting files in cPanel

PHPInfo file

How to create a phpinfo file on a Virtual Hosting service and find out the values and status of PHP modules

Redirections in cPanel

Description of redirect settings in the cPanel control panel

Restore site from a backup on Virtual Hosting

Guide to working with a BC backup

Running PHP scripts with Cron on VH

Guide to running a PHP script with a specific version of PHP (5.3-5.6, 7.0-7.2) or with optional PHP parameters (memory_limit, etc.) via CRON.

Selecting the version of php in cPanel

Description of changing the version of php using the built-in MultiPHP module in the cPanel control panel

Setting the Russian language in the CMS OpenCart

CMS OpenCart language pack installation guide

Setting up an IOS Iphone email client from a Virtual Hosting order

How to set up an email client on your iPhone