• Server Name - Specify the name of the server. This is the domain name used by some applications. The value must be a domain name at least level 2.

  • Region - select the region in which the time zone is located.

  • Time zone - select the time zone to display time data according to the local time.

  • Update software automatically - run the scheduler job, which automatically installs software updates using the OS package manager. The default task starts at 3:10 am server time, you can change the start time in the scheduler.

  • Allow support access - grant administrative access to the server to ISPsystem technical support team.

Panel settings

Settings of this section are saved separately for each control panel installed on your server

  • Password complexity level** - the panel calculates the complexity of the passwords to be entered, you can use this parameter to prohibit the use of weak passwords.

  • Social network authorization - Allows you to enable authorization through social networks.

Configuring log storage

  • Store log, days - The number of days you want to store records in the operation log.

  • Store logs, days - Number of days to store system log archives.

Updated Aug. 16, 2018