To create a mailbox, go to "Mailbox ", menu "New Mailbox ":


In the dialog box that appears, fill out the form this way:

  • "Your name " - name of the mailbox owner
  • "Email address " - email address created on the hosting service
  • "Password " - password to it
  • "Protocol " - choose the protocol for receiving mail


*"Unencrypted connection settings

Encrypted SSL/TLS connection settings

  • mail address: [email protected]ваш.домен, for example [email protected];
  • account (login): [email protected]ваш.домен, for example [email protected];
  • password: "mailbox password";
  • incoming mail server: "hosting server name";

    • Use port 995 to configure POP3;
    • Use port 993 to configure IMAP;
  • outgoing mail server: "hosting server name";

    • to configure SMTP, use port 465.

In the new window fill in the fields of settings for inbox:



And click "Next ".

In the next window, specify the settings for outgoing mail:


And click "Next "

Click "Done " to save