Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language focused on improving developer productivity and code readability, and it supports several programming paradigms: structural, object-oriented, functional, imperative, and aspect-oriented

The language features dynamic typing, automatic memory management, full introspection, exception handling mechanism, multi-threading support, and convenient high-level data structures

Python code is organized into functions and classes that can be combined into modules, which in turn can be combined into packages.

The Python Extensions section is for managing extensions: here you can browse your existing extensions and install additional ones.


List of installed Python extensions

  • Name is the name of the extension.

  • Properties - Python extension installation indicator:

    • extension installed.
    • extension is not installed.

*Python extension installation

To install a Python extension, click Install and confirm your action for now.

Remove Python extensions

To remove an extension, select it from the list and click the Remove button. To prevent accidental deletion, the program will ask you to confirm or cancel your actions. After pressing OK the selected extension will be deleted.

Updated March 23, 2021