Changing file and folder permissions in cPanel

To change permissions for a file/folder, go to "File Manager → Root directory of web content (public_html) "


To change permissions en masse, click "Select All " and then "Permissions "



In the window that appears, set the necessary permissions and click "Change Permissions "

To change permissions for a single folder or file, simply click on the permissions mask on the right side and set the required permissions


Click "Save " to save

Changing permissions of files and folders via FTP

Let's look at changing permissions on the example of the FTP client - FileZilla. When connecting to the account, the root directory will open, where with a right-click you will be able to change the access rights.

Connecting to the account via FTP

Right-click on a file or folder and choose "File Permissions ".


In the new window, set the rights
In the case of a directory, you can change the permissions recursively by choosing "Redirect to subdirectories ".


Saving changes.

Standard access rights:

  • "Files-644"
  • "Folders-755"
  • "Rights-777" - grants all privileges to user, group and other system users.
Updated Aug. 1, 2018