You can find the name of the database with which the site works in the configuration file configuration.php , which is located in the root directory of the site.


Open this file, for example, via File Manager, and look for lines in it:

public $db = 'frnx_db';  

public $dbprefix = 'jos_'  

The values in these lines stand for the name of the database the site works with, frnx_db and the database table prefix jos_

After that, we need to get into the database itself, via phpMyAdmin under MySQL

Find the right database in the list and open it

In front of us is the database with which our site works. We need to find the table with the users of our site. Its name is Prefix_users. In our case it is called jos_users


Table jos_users, which contains information about all registered users of your site, you need to find the line with your account login and open it for editing by pressing Edit button.


To change your password, find the line with the name password


  • in the Value field, delete all current characters and enter the desired password there.
  • In the Function field choose MD5 from the list.


Click Forward to save your changes.

Updated Aug. 22, 2018