MySQL is a free relational database management system. The product is distributed both under the GNU General Public License and under its own commercial license. In addition, developers create functionality by order of licensed users. It is thanks to such an order that the replication mechanism appeared almost in the earliest versions.


MySQL is a solution for small to medium sized applications. It is included in WAMP, AppServ, LAMP servers and in portable builds of Denver, XAMPP, VertrigoServ servers. Usually MySQL is used as a server that is accessed by local or remote clients, but the distribution includes an internal server library that allows to include MySQL in standalone programs.

The flexibility of the MySQL DBMS is ensured by the support of a large number of table types: users can select both MyISAM-type tables that support full-text search and InnoDB tables that support record-level transactions. Moreover, the MySQL DBMS comes with a special EXAMPLE table type that demonstrates how to create new table types. Thanks to the open architecture and GPL-licensing, new table types are constantly appearing in the MySQL DBMS.

All data in its databases is stored in the form of logically connected tables that can be accessed using the query language SQL. Mysql - a freely distributed system, ie, pay for its use is not necessary. In addition, it is fast, reliable and, most importantly, easy to use DBMS, quite suitable for not too global projects.

Working with Mysql can be not only in text mode, but also in graphical. There is a very popular visual interface (by the way, written in PHP) to work with the database. It is called PhpMyAdmin. This interface allows you to greatly simplify the work with databases in Mysql.

PhpMyAdmin allows you to use all the advantages of the browser, including scrolling when it does not fit on the screen. Many of the basic SQLfunctions of working with data in PhpMyAdmin reduced to intuitive interfaces and actions, reminiscent of clicking links on the Internet. But, nevertheless, it is still worth to work in text mode.

Updated Sept. 17, 2018