To connect to the hosting via FTP requires a special FTP client, in this example we will use "FileZilla "

    FileZilla is one of the best free FTP managers that will help you download and upload files from FTP servers. The program has a convenient and pleasant interface, there are many supported languages, as well as a variety of settings and features.

    To connect we need the following information:

    • Login
    • Password
    • Host or FTP-server
    • Port for ftp connection we need "21"

    This information can be seen in the properties of your order.


    FTP MODE:*

    There are two modes of connection to the FTP server

    • Active
    • Passive

    We will use the passive mode.


    There are two FTP file transfer modes:

    • Text (ASCII) - mode for transmitting text files, html-documents, php-scripts, scc-tables, etc;
    • Binary (binary, bin)** - mode for transferring executable files, pictures, encrypted scripts, etc;


    You should not set more than 8 simultaneous FTP connections from one IP-address.

    Launch the client and go to the "Site Manager " menu by pressing "CTRL+S ":

    • Press "New Site " and fill in the fields:




    • Host - we strongly recommend using data -, for example or
      Also, if your domain is directed to the IP-address of the hosting order, you can specify it as Host too;
    • Port - we specify the standard port of the FTP protocol "21";
    • Login type - normal;
    • User - Hosting login;
    • Password - hosting password.

    go to the tab "Transfer settings " and fill in the fields:


    Check "Limit concurrent connections " and enter 8 in the **"Max connections" field.

    • Click "Connect"


    If you have difficulties in setting up or have any additional questions, you can always contact our support team via ticket system.